RnB Group “GUY” is the headliner of the 90’s Block Party… HIGHLIGHTS below


For more information on the 90’s Block Party Tour contact:

Tara Thomas with Tara Thomas Agency

Ph: 812-558-8882



Full Highlight Video and Pictures Coming Soon on “GUY”

Damion “Crazy Legs” Hall, Aaron Hall and Teddy Riley

Richmond Coliseum


112 and Jagged Edge

2 RnB Groups on 1 Stage… Jagged Edge & 112 singing all their hit songs. Do you remember songs like “PROMISE”, “HE CAN’T LOVE YOU”, “LET’S GET MARRIED” by @official_je and “CUPID”, “PEACHES and CREAM”, by 112. Yeah it was definitely an experience. Thank You Jagged Edge and 112 for taking us back to when music had feeling, emotions and you couldn’t help but get up and dance 💃🏽🕺🏽

Members of Jagged Edge – Kyle Norman, Brandon Casey, Brian Casey and Richard Wingo
Members of 112 –  Marvin Sandrick (Slim), Daron Jones, Quinnes Parker (Q) and Micheal Marcel Keith (Mike)

DAR Constitution Hall, Washington DC


RNB Group “NEXT” opened the “90’s Block Party” in Washington DC and started us on the journey back to the 90’s where real music was made.

Members of “NEXT” – Robert “RL” Huggar, Terry “T-Low” Brown and Raphael “Tweet” Brown


Washington DC’s own Ginuwine gave his hometown a treat on March 9, 2018.  The ladies still love him and you could hear it as he sung his hit songs.  Do you all remember “SO ANXIOUS”, “IN THOSE JEANS”, and “PONY”, well Ginuwine serenaded the ladies.

But Fashion Chit-Chat attended another show in Richmond VA on 4/14/18, and Ginuwine has taken it to another level.  He brought out a lady with over size jeans and sung “In Those Jeans” and boy did she get a treat (see pics below).  Thank You Ginuwine for taking us back to the 90’s with all your hit songs.

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