How to Enter the Giveaway ?

The Holiday giveaway will start soon.  Where and How to enter will be posted on Facebook @Fashion Chit-Chat

Terms and Conditions   

(revised terms and conditions on 4/23/17)

1.  Must claim your gift within 48 hours.

2.  We will make 3 attempts to contact you.

3.  ALL Winners will be required to submit a PICTURE of yourself with the Item you WON for our sponsors.

4.  Once contact is made the winner must provide a valid address for where Gift can be  delivered.  No address… No gift 

5.  If winner doesn’t respond within 48 hours we will redraw another name.

6. Claim your gift below.

CLAIM your GIFT here

2016 Holiday Giveaway Winners !!

2017 Giveaway Winners !!

 Below are dates for 2017 Giveaways 

  • Valentine’s Day – 2/11/17 *** Winner Cheryl S. (Garment Steamer)
  • Easter – 4/13/17   *** Winners Cheryl C. and Tracey L. ($25 GC/Necklace Set)
  • Mother’s Day – 5/13/17  *** Erin J. ($25 Gift Card)
  • Father’s Day – 6/15/17  *** Emily C. ($25 Gift Card)
  • Holiday Giveaway (8 gifts – 8 weeks) – 11/4/17 thru 12/21/17


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