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6 Predicted Fashion Color Trends for SPRING 2018

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If you don’t obsess over trends or ball out on designer pieces, its complete okay.  You can a least know what colors, prints and styles will be walking the streets during the 2018 Spring season.Between millennial pink’s less overexposed cousin, an overabundance of slouch, and the resurgence of the Leg o’ Mutton sleeve (so 1892), there’s quite a bit to look forward to this spring, style wise.  The new collections have plenty of fresh, bold alternatives to the typical seasonal color palette that make for more exciting additions to your wardrobe.  From Dusty Blue, Grey and Tangerine to Aubergine, Scarlet and Marigold, these are six alternative colors you’ll be excited to wear this season.  See below some 2018 Spring fashion that hit the runway during NY Fashion Week.