Fashion Chit-Chat

Let’s Chit-Chat !!

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img_6406Fashion can be brought but style you must possess.  Style is a way to say who you are without speaking.  Why talk about fashion just created your own style and let that do all the talking.  Some may ask how do I find my style?  see below…

  • Don’t be afraid to wear something that isn’t in style at all. It’s actually way more personal to wear things that nobody else ever thought of.  This will make you unique.
  • Take the time to put your outfits together before going out.  As time goes on, you won’t need to take so much time as the outfits will be in your head but at first this is essential.
  • If people make fun of you, just shrug or smile and say “This is just how I like to dress” or “I have my own personal style, what’s yours?”
  • Do look at what others wear but don’t try to mimic them. A copycat style is never very personal!
  • Even if nobody else dresses like you do, wear your clothing with pride and confidence.
  • Creating your own style is hard work and it takes patience and inspiration.