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Ladies, if you looking for that perfect dress checkout

Lipgloss N Stilettos — Our style ~Where class, style and grace meet edge and mystery~

Lipgloss N Stilettos

Class is more than being born with money or having the money to buy the most expensive clothes. Class and elegance is truly something that comes from within.  When you mix class, style and grace, with a sprinkle of edge and mystery; you get a “great lady”.

As our society abandons the conservative values that make women into ladies, women with grace and dignity have become an endangered species–especially today.  I have heard many of my male peers place women into three categories: “the ones to mess around with, the ones to date, and the ones to marry.”  Though this is a rather crude way of categorizing women, it shows that men do recognize and value the qualities that make a woman a lady.  Just some food for thought to all my ladies.

Checkout Winter Look Book (Men)  and Winter Look Book (Women) to see more…

Model Queenie

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