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There are speculations that modern day vintage and vintage are different.  This speculation is true.  Vintage like all fashion of the past are re-created to make it better fit with the style of the people during that particular time.  New ideas, creativity and style is what makes fashion the way people express themselves without words.   Re-creating fashion is good.  If things stayed the same then the world would be a boring place.

What is Vintage Fashion?

360 Vintage Boutique

Vintage fashion is the clothing of a previous era, worn at a later date. Strictly speaking it is the original clothing and not clothing inspired by another time, it is just what it is: vintage-inspired clothing (and sometimes called ‘retro’ clothing).  Interestingly, unlike other items, vintage clothing is not usually divided into categories used in everyday usage.  So a person who enjoys Victorian clothing would be described as wearing vintage or period dress, and not ‘antique dress’, even though the clothing is, in fact, technically antique.

Now Modern vintage— it is a mixture of high street clothing and retro clothing.  If you love dressing up and wanting to add a bit of charm into your style, modern retro fashion is definitely something you’d want to try out.

Always remember that when it comes to modern retro fashion, you need to mix the right amount of classics or “oldies” with modern basics and trends. Too much vintage could make you look like a young granny (unless that’s the look you want).  The Model in the picture is a good example of Modern Retro Fashion.

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Model Arlene Gordon