Product Reviews

Review Time !!


Q-SWAP Mobile Power … “The Last Portable Charger You’ll Ever Need”, is what the companies put on Amazon and they are so right.

First let me start off with the packaging of the product.  The box is definitely an eye catcher and so professional looking that you don’t want to mess it up.   When I opened the box there were 2 batteries, USB Cable and a unique shaped Q-booster that you insert the battery before you plug in your phone.  It came with instructions but its so self-explanatory that you don’t need them.

Now for the product review.  I took this product on my trip to the Milwaukee Bucks game in Milwaukee.  The flight and layover took about 6 hours.  On the plane I do my blog videos and footage from events I attend including the behind the scene footage of the game for a R&B group I go out-of-town  with.  Normally its a little stressful trying to keep my phone charged up.  My recent trip was so smooth that I thought something was wrong.  These batteries charge your phone completely and they charge up fast also for reuse.  Love them and now I don’t leave home without my portable mobile chargers and there is no stress.