Sexy Spring/Summer Shoes


“Give a girl the right shoes,

and she can conquer the world.”

-Marilyn Monroe

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Queenie’s Shoe Collection

Name Brands that are Affordable and Sexy !!

Blogger Queenie


Come on now what girl doesn’t love shoes! I guess, if I had to choose between buying shoes and being in a relationship, I would make myself trip by accident on the buying shoe side, Shhh 🤫 !!  A great pair of shoes can make a woman feel like she is on top of the world.  Marilyn Monroe couldn’t have said it better in her quote “Give a Girl the right pair of shoes and she will conquer the world!”  Yep, I’ve been fiercely conquering the world forever in my shoes, so it’s true.


Bright and Colorful is what Spring/Summer Season is about !!
Photography by Fashion Chit-Chat Blog // Queenie’s Shoe Collection
Nine West Shoes

OK, I know you are thinking “where can I get those floral platform wedge sandals”.  I’m sorry but those sandals were purchased in 2012.  But they are a sexy sandal that can be worn with an array of color sundresses, shorts and pants.  The company name has worn off the inside of the shoe but the shoe is still new looking, so the quality was excellent.  Picking out shoes is my expertise.  I don’t buy shoes for the current FAD of the season.  I buy shoes that will stay in style forever.   Nine West definitely created a timeless shoe in these.  Great Job Nine West, 6 years later and the sandals are still stylish !!

Steve Madden

Now, the white Steve Madden sandal was a purchase from 2016 and it looks like this style is timeless as well.  Several shoe designers are still making this design.  But the Steve Madden version of the design is my favorite.  I love the way the strap goes around the ankle which gives it an unique look on your foot.  Steve Madden did a sling back with a front ankle wrap.   Great Job Steve Madden !!

Photography by Fashion Chit-Chat Blog // Queenie’s Shoe Collection

Every Week More SHOES will be added

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What can you do to prevent foot problems ?

Years of wear and tear can be hard on our feet. So can disease, poor circulation, improperly trimmed toenails, and wearing shoes that don’t fit properly. Problems with our feet can be the first sign of more serious medical conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, and nerve and circulatory disorders.

  • Practice good foot care.
  • Check your feet regularly, or have a member of your family check them.
  • Podiatrists and primary care doctors (internists and family practitioners) are qualified to treat most foot problems. Sometimes the special skills of an orthopedic surgeon or dermatologist are needed.
  • It also helps to keep blood circulating to your feet as much as possible. Do this by putting your feet up when you are sitting or lying down, stretching if you’ve had to sit for a long while, walking, having a gentle foot massage, or taking a warm foot bath. Try to avoid pressure from shoes that don’t fit right.
  • Try not to expose your feet to cold temperatures.
  •  Don’t sit for long periods of time (especially with your legs crossed).
  • Don’t smoke. 🚬


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